Herbal Teas

The first known instance of herbs being collected for the purpose of ingesting them took place 60,000 years ago. Recent archaeological findings appear to indicate that even way back then, our Neanderthal relatives living in Iran understood the many ways that herbs can heal and soothe the body. So raise a cup to the past! Or, use our herbals to concoct your own custom tea blends.

Camomile Mint Combining these two wonderful and extensively used herbs creates a delicious blend with full flavor and a refreshing character with superb minty highlights.  
Egyptian Camomile Very aromatic wth a fruity tending floral flavour. Camomile is often sipped for relief of ailments ranging from toothache to insomnia. Egypt
Hibiscus Herbal Tea Studies have shown that drinking hibiscus tea can effectively lower high blood pressure and reduce high cholesterol levels in many individuals!  
Peppermint Very pungent with a cool fresh taste. Many claim it calms the digestive system and helps relieve heartburn, stomach ache and nausea. United States