Nos créations - Our Creations

Beautifully hand knit by Rhon. Knit in Tahiti Fashion. Pattern is Waft from Ravelry

By Linda!

Well done Nancy!
with James C. Brett "Amazon" yarn.

Capelet knit with - fait avec
Zen yarn garden Gradient quartet
Bien fait Hélène

Fait avec - made with Drops Puna

Chaussettes de ski de fond.
Cross country ski socks.
Bien fait - good job Thérèse!

Wow, well done Sheila. Made with Drops Karisma

Paton's Classic yarn, pattern from Ravelry called Lemongrass. By Corrina

Knit with Drops Andes

Knit with Sandnesgarn Alpakka by customer Martine

Knit by Linda Maskell, Sweet Georgia Cashsilk Lace and Drops Lace.

Knit by Linda Maskell, Paton's Uplands Yarn, size 12mm Circular Needles.

Knit by Linda, with Lima yarn.